A-League Sports Acquires Tarpons, For New Arena League Play in 2019

LAKELAND, FLORIDA – A-League Sports has acquired the Florida Tarpons, and announced earlier this month a name change to Lakeland Tarpons to better reflect the Leagues commitment to Polk County and the City of Lakeland. The Lakeland Tarpons will be one of four-teams competing when longtime sports executives launch the A-League, a professional arena football league headquartered and centered in the state of Florida.

The A-League is operated as a single-entity business, with all teams owned by A-League Sports. A diverse group of owners and partners make up the directorship of the new league, each with their own unique business and sports backgrounds. The primary officers of the A-League have over 60 years of experience in professional sports, much of it in arena football and other professional sports.

“The A-League seeks to produce quality sports entertainment with an emphasis on partnerships and community support in an effort to entertain, fulfill and quantify fun, family and fan friendly experiences,” reads the league's mission statement. With an emphasis on business and fan experiences the A-League has designed its core single entity structure to better implement ideas and plans that focus more on community and business partnerships than the on-field elements.

The announcement of the remaining three franchises, and the already completed 2019 schedule, will be released by the end of September. Press conferences will be scheduled in each of the other locations that will field teams next year. Plans call for a total of 6-8 teams by 2020, with announcements on those locations planned over the next several months.

Ticket package sales and sponsor involvement are well under way. Interested fans and potential business partners are invited to contact the Tarpons or the A-League office for further information.

For more information on the A-League, visit www.aleaguefootball.com, or visit the Lakeland Tarpons website at www.lakelandtarpons.com.  Additional details will be announced at the upcoming press conferences.